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Networking management

We do more than selling tickets, we connect people. We offer a complete social media platform so you can manage and grow your network. Make posts, follow people, share information, get connected!

Free for free events
No cost for free tickets. You can promote your free event for free!

2.5% Processing fee + 50¢ per ticket!
Stripe Processing Fee.
Stripe processing fee may vary by country/currency!

• Stripe automatically deducts their payment processing fee before depositing the funds into your Stripe account.
All events with paid tickets are required a valid Stripe account.
• Using Stripe, ticket revenue will be directed transferred to your account. It’s fast and reliable.
• Refunds are easy to handle, and all fees are returned.

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Fully create and manage your event using our iphone app

With our free app, you can create an event page in 2 minutes.

Easy check­in

Do not spend hours checking-­in attendees at the door with a piece of paper of spreadsheet. You can scan QR code tickets, manage your attendees and track ticket sales in real time.