How it works

1. Set up your event page and tickets

You will attract your attendees with a nice and modern event landing page. Select a theme and upload your videos or images. You also can post information about speakers, sponsors and much more. Don't forget to choose your ticket types. When your page is ready, publish it!

2. Create your profile

Make it personal! Let people know who you are! You can share your professional background, curiosities about you, things you like and information that will interest your network.

3. Get people involved!

Invite people to your follow and get tickets to your event. With our social media platform, you can stay in touch with your audience, post pictures, chat with attendees and get them connected with each other before, during and after the event. Each attendee will have a chance to create their own profile. They can post content, chat with each other and spread the word about your event. Isn't awesome!?

4. Manage and host!

Get ready for the big day! Check your guest lists, gather attendee data and generate sales reports. At the Big Day, use eventgreet mobile app to checkin attendees, scan QR code for faster checkin and sell tickets at the door!

Transparent cost and no hidden fees

Processing fee
per ticket
Stripe Processing Fee
No cost for free tickets. You can promote your free event for free!
Stripe processing fee may vary by country/currency
NOTE: Stripe automatically deducts their payment processing fee before depositing the funds into your Stripe account. All events with paid tickets are required a valid Stripe account.
Click here to create your stripe account