1.1. Purpose.

Our mission is to connect people through real interpersonal experiences, building a greater personal network for attendees and organizers. Our services are designed to enable people to connect to each other and create, share and register for events.

1.2 The Services.

Eventgreet's websites and domains, including www.eventgreet.com and www.greetclub.com, and all of the webpages, subdomains (collectively, our "Site"), all of the services available on or through the Site or otherwise provided by us, and all of our mobile aplications are offered, maintained and provided by Eventgreet, Inc. We refer to all of these as our "Services".

1.3 Agreement

You agree that by clicking "Join Now", "Sign Up", "Join Eventgreet" or similar, registering, accessing or using our services, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with Eventgreet Inc. (even if you are using our Services on behalf of a business or company).

This "Agreement" includes this User Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and other terms that will be displayed to you at the time you first use certain features (Our mobile app), as may be amended by Eventgreet from time to time. If you do not agree to this Agreement, no not click "Join now" (or similar) and do not access or otherwise use any of our Services.

1.4 Users

Through the Services, Eventgreet provides a platform for registered users who are event organizers, planners, organizations and attendees to create event registration, user profile, organizer profile and other webpages related to their events. We refer to Organizers, Attendees and other visitors and browsers of the Services collectively as "Users" or "you".

2. DMCA Compliance

2.1 Third Party Content

All data, text, information, editorial content, design posts, formatting, graphics, pictures, images, photos, videos, musical content, sounds and other content (collectively, "Content"), related to a post on personal profile, feed, event feed, event page, or related to an event on the Services is posted by a third party user, event organizer, attendees or other parties and not by Eventgreet.

2.2 Application

Before you upload any content to Eventgreet, you must certify that you own or have permission from the copyright owner to upload the content. If the copyright owner did not provide permission, he may notify Eventgreet by sending a Copyright Infringement Notification or a "takedown" notice requesting that the Content be removed, or access to it be blocked. The notice may contain specific information such as:
1) The electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner.
2) Identification of the copyrighted work.
3) A description of and link to the infringing content.
4) The owner’s name and contact information.
5) A sworn statement that he/she is the owner, and did not provide permission for the content to be uploaded to the site.
Once the notice is received, Eventgreet will take down the allegedly infringing content, and notify the user that posted the content of the infringement notice.The user that uploaded the content may file a counter-notice requesting the content be reinstated, and the content may be restored to the site. The counter-notice must contain:
1) The electronic or physical signature of the person that uploaded the content.
2) Identification of the content that was removed and where on the site it appeared before removal.
3) A sworn statement that the content was mistakenly removed.
4) the uploader’s contact information.
A written "takedown" notice or a counter-notice requesting may be submitted by reporting the infringement to our DMCA/Trademark Agent, at eventgreet@eventgreet.com. Filling this notice is the safest and fastest method for reporting alleged copyright and/or trademark infringement. Upon receiving a valid and fully completed takedown notice, Eventgreet will remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing material and notifies the alleged infringing party. The content may be reposted if the user removes the portions of the allegedly infringing content as specified in the takedown notice.
If you do not wish to fill out and submit the notice by electronic format, takedown notices and counter notices must be submitted in writing to the address below, which is the address of our agent for purposes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Eventgreet, Inc.
11 Silver Hill Ln, #5
Natick, MA 01760
Attn: Eventbrite, Inc. DMCA/Trademark Agent
Phone: (857) 529-8001
By Email: eventgreet@eventgreet.com

2.2 Liability

Once you submit a takedown notice, you recognize that Eventgreet may disclosure copies of such notice to the alleged infringer, subject to our Privacy Policy. Still, you will be liable for any damages (including costs and attorney's fees) incurred by Eventgreet or the alleged infringer user in the case you knowingly and materially misrepresent the third party content is infringing. You may contact an attorney before filing a takedown notice if you are not sure if you are reporting an infringing copyright act.

3. Refund policy

3.1 Cancelled or Postponed Events

As an event organized or promoter, you and not Eventgreet are responsible for notifying attendees, users, supporters or ticket buyers there is an issue with the event. Eventgreet will adhere to your exchange and refund policy. Also the Third Party Payment Processor's refund policy may apply. Please read carefully such policy, because is your responsibility to comply with their rules. All refunds provided will be processed less Eventgreet and Third Party Payment Processor fees and will only be provided to the person who made payment.

3.2 Disclaimer

To the widest extent permitted by law, Eventgreet services are provided on an "as is." In case of a refund, Eventgreet act as a channel for issuance of possible refunds. Eventgreet is not responsible for any fraudulent activities. Our services are limited to providing event web pages, social media platform, e-tickets and receipts, and forwarding payment to event organizer. Any other service or product does not involve Eventgreet and might be dealt directly between the organizer and the attendee or user. Eventgreet will not be responsible for any liability, either economic, moral, any damages, losses, costs, legal expenses, loss of business or any other losses related to the event or content posted on our services, even if Eventgreet has been advised of the possibility of such liability, or even if such liability is foreseeable.

4. General Provisions

We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time. Any changes might be posted on our website or be notified to you by email and will become effective fifteen (15) days after being published.

5. Governing Law and Venue

This agreement is not transferable and will made between Eventgreet and you regarding to the subject matter hereof. This agreement might be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. No choice of laws rules of any jurisdiction may apply to this agreement.